This book was made possible by the generous contributions of over 175 backers on Kickstarter. The support of those who want to inspire young people is invaluable to a project like Ion the Young Shuttle.

We were able to tell the story of how Ion came to be and what we hoped to accomplish by creating Ion and his story. Backers were also introduced to the book’s artist and we shared early sketches and sample artwork. There were a number of fun rewards and some great options for backers to become part of the process. If you’d like to see more about the campaign…

About the Author

Kielen King (Photo)

Kielen King


KIELEN KING is a musician, podcaster, web designer, and now children’s author. His Star Pilot music trilogy (, which was supported by two successfully funded Kickstarter campaigns, and his songwriting inevitably led to the creation of Ion the Young Shuttle, his first children’s book. He and his wife share their home in Southwest Washington state with their young daughter (for whom Ion was written) and their black lab/border collie mix, Lando.

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