Ion the Young Shuttle

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Ion the Young Shuttle (2019)

Meet Ion…a young space shuttle that goes around the universe learning, exploring, and having fun! Get ready to blast off and make a new friend in space! This fun book for new and early readers was written by Kielen King and illustrated by Heather Lunny.

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Ion the Young Shuttle (Printed Edition | Audiobook)

Meet Ion…a young space shuttle that goes around the universe learning, exploring, and having fun! Get ready to blast off and make a new friend in space! This fun picture book for new and early readers was written by Kielen King and illustrated by Heather Lunny.

Author, Kielen King says…
“As a kid, my love of science fiction was born from watching movies with my family. Outer space was always fascinating to me and I hoped I would be one of those lucky individuals who got to jump aboard a spaceship, hit the ‘hyper-drive,’ and venture off to unknown planets to see cool new aliens, civilizations, & technology. The films, comics, & other media I took in had a gigantic influence on my love of science fiction. Now that I’m a little older, I’m doing something fun that I’ve always wanted to do—make a children’s book!

My daughter was born in 2018 and one thing I hope she grows to enjoy as much as I do is science fiction & outer space. Science Fiction opens up unlimited worlds for everyone and allows for infinite possibilities & manifestations upon which we can attach our imaginations. As a father and a creator of color, I want to position myself & Ion to show my child and other young people from marginalized groups that the vast universe of science fiction and related fields like S.T.E.M. are for everyone. Young readers may not grasp all of that right from the beginning, however, having a character like Ion to imagine fun adventures in outer space with can go a long way towards keeping them excited about science fiction and/or space related interests and careers.”

The Author:

KIELEN KING is a musician, podcaster, digital content professional, and now children’s author. His Star Pilot music trilogy (, supported by two successfully funded Kickstarter campaigns, and his songwriting inevitably led to the creation of Ion the Young Shuttle, his first children’s book. He and his wife share their home in Southwest Washington state with their young daughter and their black lab/border collie mix, Lando.

The Illustrator:

Art has always been HEATHER LUNNY’S first love. She is proficient and always learning about illustration and design. She also has a passion for creating 3D models.

Find her portfolio at

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11" x 8.5" Printed Edition, Audiobook (M4B+MP3+M4A)

4 reviews for Ion the Young Shuttle

  1. MistaRuddy

    The wonderfully illustrated cover captures the deep shades of outer space. Pulling us in with a rhythmic, lyrical bounce, we are introduced to Ion, a scrappy young shuttle. The well-written, poetic structure will make this a pleasure to read aloud to any of your favorite little humans. All the layers of family, adventure, and the impatient aspirations of Ion are vividly brought to life. Page after page of scenes and backgrounds present plenty of moments to pause and allow a young listener a chance to pose curious questions about Ion’s world. The text sits comfortably at a 3rd to 5th-grade reading range, with carefully placed, higher-level vocabulary that can be conversation starters for parents and kids, teachers and students. The ending of the book suggests that there are more adventures for Ion on the way. Looking forward to future episodes!

  2. Dan McConnon

    A great start to a story that introduces some interesting characters. The story has a nice rhythm and gives a smattering of space artistry while introducing relatable characters. The wording was not overly complex, but had enough starting points for conversations with my 4 year old. When we finished the story, her response was “what happened next?”, so we’re definitely looking forward to another adventure from Ion.

  3. Lisa McBride

    Nice, simple rhyming and easy to read text. Clean and inviting layout. Bold, colorful and friendly illustrations for curious little minds. I read this aloud to Kindergarten through 3rd grade students in my STEM class. Each grade level was equally engaged and interested. Fun to see that each took different perceptions and asked varying questions. One common factor was that all students were ready to hear what came next for ION and his family! Fun to hear the students feedback and conversations that Ion started. For example, they knew he should stay away from the sun because “it is hot!” and several needed to know what ‘Planetoid mass’ was 🙂
    Great short read for a fun break in class. We look forward to seeing what Ion does next!

  4. Emma (verified owner)

    My copy of Ion came in the mail yesterday. What a joy to open a present for myself! Yes, I bought it for myself. I don’t know any kids in the age range the book is targeting and even if I did, I don’t think I’d give up a signed copy from Kielen. I love the colors in the illustrations. The purples and blues remind me of the deep colors in the Original Series Star Trek. The font choice reminds me of classic comic books like superman and Flash Gordon The details are perfect from the aliens the brother meets to the Mohawk on one of Ion’s friends.

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