Baby Boxing: Lullaby CD


A collection of 18 music box lullabies

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<h1>Get the Baby Boxing Lullaby CD</h1>

Need to help that little one get to sleep? The Baby Boxing Lullaby CD is 18 Rounds of lullabies to help your little dreamer go toe-to-toe with The Sandman! A collection of music box lullabies is just the thing the young one in your life head off into dreamland with soft tones and fun melodies to keep them snuggling with their favorite blanket or stuffed friend through the night.

For a limited time, Baby Boxing Lullaby CDs, are being included with Ion the Young Shuttle printed books. What better way to bring the day to a close than reading a fun adventure with Ion and then falling to sleep with the sound of a music box next to the bed?!

*Note: These songs have been created to replicate a small music box. They contain high pitched tones and are not intended to be played at a loud volume.

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